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Call An Audible + Stay In The Deep End Sticker

Daron K. Roberts went from Harvard Law School to the sidelines of the NFL.

Selected as one of Sports Illustrated's Best Business books, Call An Audible tells the story of his inspiring journey and equips you with actionable Pivot Points™ that will help guide your next transition.

Whether trying to flee the confines of your cubicle for another career or deciding whether to go to grad school, Call An Audible is the blueprint that you need to create your next life. 

Praise for Call An Audible 

“Daron turned his incredible journey into
an essential playbook that will help you
make the leap from where you are
to where you want to be.”
Jon Gordon
Author of The Carpenter and Energy Bus



“In football, Daron’s life story
is what we call ‘sudden change.’
His book gives us all a chance to think of 
what might be rather than
just accept things as they are.” 
Mack Brown
Head Coach
University of North Carolina Football